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Reasons to Make Your Dog Eat Low Protein Dog Food

It is always believed that the diet of a dog should contain a good amount of protein, as the animal needs protein to stay healthy. However, there are situations when the vet would recommend low protein dog food for your pet owing to some health concern that might be bothering the poor animal. It is very important that you check on with the vet from time to time regarding protein content of the diet of the dog as an overdose of protein may cause serious health hazards.

Contrary to the general belief, protein content is not always required to be low in the dog food if it is aging. Most of the time, low protein dog food is recommended if the dog is suffering from some acute health concern, especially related to the kidneys.

Cases when low protein food is prescribed for dogs

While the digestion goes on, the protein that is available in the dog food produces a good amount of uremic toxins which is to be handled by the kidneys. Ideally, the dog is supposed to get rid of the uremic toxin by urinating. However, if the kidneys of the dog are not very healthy, they would fail to get rid of the toxins that get produced during the digestive process, and the number of toxins would go strikingly high in the body which would cause serious health hazards.

Hence, when the body is not able to get rid of the toxins naturally, the only feasible way to control the ill effects of having the extra toxin in the body is to reduce the intake of the source of the toxins, i.e., reduction in the intake of protein while the dog eats.

Another benefit of using low protein food is that this type of food contains a low content of phosphorous and if the kidneys of the dog are not functioning too well, it is recommended that the dog should not consume too much of phosphorous. Failing this, dogs would fall prey to hyperphosphatemia, which is a medical condition wherein there is an electrolytic imbalance in the dog’s body and could bring about total renal failure if left untreated.

The common challenge with low protein food

While reduction of protein in the food can be healthy for the ailing dog, the major concern that most dog owners face with this type of food is that the food doesn’t taste very good. As a result, getting their beloved pooch to eat the low protein food becomes a real tough challenge for the dog owners.

The best way to combat this situation is to avoid the dependency on commercial dog foods that contain low protein, and take the pain to cook the dog food at home. While you cook the food for your loved pet at home, you would be able to keep a tab on the ingredients, and you can choose only those ingredients that do not have very high protein content. You can add all the required things that would make the food tasty for the sick taste buds of your beloved pet, and yet would be low on protein, which will help it recover fast.

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