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All Natural Homemade Dog Chews

All Natural Homemade Dog Chews

Dogs are cute and are extremely fun to hang around, yet so brilliant, intelligent, and loyal to learning tricks. Astonishing, aren’t they? Such companions deserve excellent treat such as all natural homemade sweet potato dog chews.

If it is a tasty crunchy bite, or for a healthy nourishing treat, or even for the ease of preparation, the homemade sweet potato dog chews takes it all.

Sweet potato is the only ingredient in this treat. Surprised? Well, if you understand the nutritive gem and health benefits of the sweet potatoes, then you won’t be that surprised. But there is one more secret to this incredible sweet potato dog chew! Dying to know the best-kept secret? Well, it all in the cooking process.

Before you lay your hands on the natural homemade sweet potato dog chews recipe that reveal the cooking process, let’s explore the catch in the one ingredient dog chew.

Your dog is canine first, and they love to chew things. But this comes with a downside. Dogs are not picky eaters. When bored they instinctively begin to chew anything that comes their way, be it your child’s toy or your sofa, anything to your furry friend is simply worth a chew. For a brilliant dog owner, the instinct to chew can be seen as an opportunity to treat your dog with the right chews.

Here is the recipe for the of homemade sweet potato dog chews


Sweet potatoes 


1. Preheat your oven to 250 degrees farads. Then thoroughly wash your sweet potatoes. Cut the sweet potatoes in the middle, lengthwise. Carefully slice the sweet potatoes lengthwise with ¼ or a 1/3 inch in width.
2. Place the sliced sweet potatoes on a baking sheet that is well lined with a good parchment. Then place the sweet potatoes on a cookie sheet. Bake the sliced sweet potatoes for 3 hours. Remember to turn the sweet potatoes halfway so as to ensure that it even gets baked. Turning them halfway make the sweet potatoes dry and pretty chewy. Alternatively, you can use a dehydrator to get the sweet potatoes dry.
3. Store the sweet potato dog chews in a fridge or a freeze so as to avoid getting moldy.
4. Feed the treats to your dog. Dogs love them.

Recipe notes 

With all the commercial on dog treats that promises big and delivers little, settling for a homemade sweet potato dog chew is the best way to ensure that your dog gets the best of healthy and tasty chews. The big question could be, Why the sweet potatoes?’

Sweet potatoes are incredibly healthy, and ideal for making chews. They bake well to form a crispy chew that is loved by your dog. Besides, they are excellent for all dogs especially those with allergies.

When you make this treats from your home, you and your dog stand to gain in more than one way. To begin with, commercial treats are expensive and with time you will notice that you spend quite a fortune on treats. Homemade treats are really cost-effective, with the only cost incurred is in the ingredients.


Homemade sweet potato dog chews are excellent treats for your dog. They are healthy and really delicious. Your dog will surely love it and never get enough of it.

All Natural Homemade Dog Chews

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