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Know About the Benefits and Cost of Neutering a Dog

You would be alarmed to know that every minute about 50 cats and dogs are born in the United States of America, taking the daily count of newborn kittens and puppies to a whopping 70,000. At such a rate, some people who can take care of these animals would fall hugely short in the coming few years as per day about 10,000 human babies are born in the US. It is hence very much required that spaying or neutering of dogs is being carried out so that there is no increase in the count of stray dogs that live and die without getting proper attention, love or care.

Benefits of neutering and spaying

When it comes to neutering a dog, the first thing that would strike someone is the cost of neutering a dog. Apart from the cost, there are many other worries and concerns that haunt dog lovers and dog owners when they think of neutering or spaying a dog. It is hence important to know that neutering or spaying has some pros.

The first benefit that you would get by neutering your male dog is that it would become less aggressive and less dominative. As post-neutering, the dog would lose its male reproductive organs, it would not feel the need to dominate over other male dogs, and thus his aggression levels would go down. Apart from this, male dogs stop being territorial and hence he would not tend to wander around looking for female dogs that are in their season of producing eggs.

When it comes to female dogs, the benefits of spaying are many. The first benefit is that it will not have any more seasons, so you would not be required t guard her any longer. Apart from this, your courtyard would be free from those annoying male dogs who try to impress your female pet dog to meet their carnal desires. Your carpets would be free from getting blood smeared during the season time of the female dogs. Last but not the least, female dogs are found to be more active and lively after they have been subjected to the spaying session.

The cost of neutering

Now that you are aware of the many benefits of neutering and spaying a dog, you should not have any more pullbacks in taking your beloved pet dog to the vet’s clinic to get his or her reproductive organs removed. The next obvious question that comes here is the cost of neutering a dog.

Fortunately, neutering expenses are less than what you would be required to pay for a spaying session. The cost depends on the weight of the dog, and usually, most private pet clinics carry out the neutering procedure at a charge between $200 and $300 approximately. The heavier the dog is, the more would be charged, as the anesthesia expenses would be higher for a heavier dog.

You can also try out the various local humane societies who will not charge more than $100 for neutering your dog. However, the kind of care and attention that you would be getting at a private pet clinic would not be available in such places

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