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Interesting Facts About Natural Life Dog Food

If you are looking for top quality dry dog food for your darling dog, you may want to try out Lamaderm and other products of the Natural Life dog food range. These products from Natural life have been proven to be beneficial for the well being of the dog for years and dog owners have been looking for these products in the shelves of any supermarket that they have visited to buy dog food for their beloved canine friend.

Things that make Lamaderm a favorite amongst dog lovers

There are many reasons that have made Lamaderm one of the most sought-after dog food. The first point is that the dog food does not contain corn grains, which makes it a perfect bet for dogs that are allergic to corn grains. Secondly, this Natural Life dog food product has a lamb meal as the first ingredient, which makes it more protein-rich than fresh lamb meat. As per the manufacturers, the meant concentrate in the lam meal contains approximately 300% more protein than you would get from fresh lamb.

The presence of a decent quantity of whole grains like oatmeal or brown rice grains makes it ideal for those who want some fiber in the diet of their much-loved pooch. This dog food is also wonderful to get a nice and shiny skin and coat, thanks to the presence of linseed oil in the right proportion. It might be a little bit heavy on the pocket, but when it comes to the well being of your beloved pet dog, you should hardly be bothered about the few extra bucks that you are required to pay for getting the best dry dog food range that is available in the market.
The carbohydrate contents in Lamaderm are about 52% and fat is about 25% which makes it very healthy and tasty for the members of the canine family. Lamaderm is ideal for dogs that are sensitive and allergic to poultry, corn or dairy. This can be fed to adult dogs of almost all breeds which are certainly a boon to dog owners who own multiple dogs of different breeds.

Other products from dog food range

Apart from Lamaderm, other Natural Life products for dogs are equally good and of high quality, which is the reason behind them being highly popular amongst dog lovers and dog owners around the country. The canned food from Natural life is equally nutritious and liked by dog owners as the dry versions of the dog food.

One of the products that offer 100% complete and balanced meals for all kinds of dog breeds is the Natural Life Grain Free Chicken Recipe which is being loved and liked by dogs of different ages across breeds. With more than 30 years of experience in pet supplies and manufacturing of pet dog foods, these products are ideal for the health and well being of your pet dog and are found to be non-allergic for most of the dogs. Common allergic problems like infected skins or itchiness are not observed in dogs who feed on dog food products from the house of Natural Life.

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