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Good to Know Information About Flea and Tick Control Products and Measures

Did you know that there are more than 200 different species of fleas and ticks that can cause a lot of annoyance to your pet? The existence of fleas and ticks can cause a lot of trouble and discomfort to your beloved pet; hence it is imperative that you apply some flea and tick control measure to help your pet get rid of the disturbing elements on their skin.

Questions to ask before buying any tick and flea control product

There are several flea and tick control products that are available in the market. However, you cannot blindly select one and use on your pet, as there are many checks to be done before that. There are different medication options for different types of furry pets. The ones that you can use for your canine pets will not hold good for the feline pets and vice versa. Similarly, is it only fleas or only ticks that you want to get rid of, or is it both that needs to be eliminated at the same time?

You would also be required to consider the age and skin condition of your furry pet before you blindly lay your hands on one of the various tick and flea control medication options that are available on the supermarket shelves. Is your pet allergic to any of the ingredients that are being used in the tick and flea control products?

Once you have found satisfactory answers to all these questions, that is when you can think of buying the tick and flea control products which are available in the market. You can also discuss and get an opinion from the veterinary expert regarding which of the tick and flea control products you should be used for keeping the annoying fleas off the skin of your darling pet

Home remedies for tick and flea control

In case you are too worried on using the chemicals of various tick and flea control products on the skin of your beloved dog or cat, you can always try certain home measures to keep the bugging fleas off your pet’s skin. Juice extracts from lemon and oranges or any other citrus fruits can be rubbed on the skin or fur of the pet as these are found to be good flea and tick repellants.

You can also dip your pet in a tub of water as that will cause almost all the fleas to fall off the skin of the animal. You can also use a gentle pet shampoo and rub it gently on the skin while bathing the pet and can get rid of the annoying fleas that stick around on the skin and fur of your pet. Using such shampoos can also bring about a shine in the coat which would be an added advantage.

Try keeping your entire home clean. Dirty homes serve as breeding grounds for fleas and ticks, and hence if you keep your home clean, the irritating creatures will not get a chance to enter your home and make the living of your pet uncomfortable. You can also try applying rose germanium oil on the collar of the dog which is a natural repellant to ticks.

Good to Know Information About Flea and Tick Control Products and Measures

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