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All That You Need to Know About Dog Beds for Big Dogs

Did you know that just like humans, your canine friend also requires having some sound sleep to stay healthy? If a grown adult needs 6 hours of sleep, a fully grown adult dog would require about 12 to 14 hours of sleep, the majority of which has to be a deep sleep. When a dog cuddles inside a small dog bed, it does not get a deep sleep. To get one, the dog has to lie down and stretch itself on its bed. If you have one of those large sized dogs, you have to consider getting dog beds for big dogs so that you help both your dog and you at the same time.

Reasons for choosing a large bed for a big dog

While one of the reason is being mentioned earlier, but there are many other reasons that should make you look for a large sized dog bed for your large pooch. These are mentioned below.

  • If the dog bed is not large enough, the large dog would not find it comfortable and would not like to spend its time on the bed. The whole purpose of investing in the large dog bed would go down the drains.
  • As large dogs have huge body dimensions, their bones need special support which cannot be provided in a regular dog bed. Without this body support, they would fall prey to the various bone and jointly related concerns as the dog grows older.
  • If the dog is forced to sleep in a cramped bed, it will develop conditions of arthritis or other joint-related syndromes, and you would be required to spend a lot on the vet bills.
  • You will not have to struggle hard to find a place on your bed if you get your extra large friend a bed that suits its size and dimension.

Tips to buy dogs beds for the big dogs

While buying dog beds for big dogs you should not be checking only the dimensions of the bed, but you would also need to check the padding, cushioning that is being offered by the dog bed. The weight of a big dog like a Saint Bernard or an English Mastiff would be much more than a Labrador or even a German shepherd. If the materials used inside the dog bed are not equipped to handle such huge weight, you would be looking at a flattened bed in matters of few weeks.

The things that you should be looking for while you buy a dog bed for your large or extra large dog would be as the following.

  • The foam that would be used in the bed should be memory foam of the highest quality. It should not succumb to the pressure of the weight of the dog.
  • The dog bed should have raised edges, as older dogs find it very comfortable to rest against the raised edges and their body gets adequate support by these.
  • The covers of the dog bed should be machine washable. No matter how intelligent your pet is, there are chances that it will dirty the cover of its bed and hence you would have to take the pain to wash to from time to time.
  • It would be good if certain thermal materials are being used in the dog bad as that would give added comfort to the pet during winters. However, this is not a mandatory thing for buying a dog bed for large dogs as the heating system of their bodies is equipped enough to handle temperature fluctuations.

By getting the right sized and rightly made dog bed to your large sized pet dog, you would be gifting him with a dedicated space that it would love to spend most of its time on.

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