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A Quick Guide for Buying Large Breed Dog Beds

A very common problem faced by people owning large breed dogs is getting a dog bed for their loved pet. Beds for breeds like the Great Dane, English Mastiff or Saint Bernard are not very easily available in the market. It is all the more difficult as there should not be any compromise on the quality of the large breed dog beds. If you own one or multiple of these large dogs, here is a quick buying guide for you so that you can pick the best bed for your hefty pet.

The right bed for large breed dogs does not mean that the dimension of the bed would be larger than the regular dog beds and that is all which is required. As the weight of the large breed dogs would be manifolded the weight of a regular dog, it is required that the large breed dog beds are made of high-quality materials which will not get flattened under the heavy pressure of the body weight of the animal.

The bed should let the dog stretch as much as it can

While there are many other things to be checked, but the first thing that you should be checking while buying a dog bed for your large-sized pet dog is the dimension of the bed. It should be long enough for the pooch to stretch itself while it sleeps on the bed. If the animal is not able to stretch well while sleeping, it would not be able to get into the deep sleep mode, and that will impact the health of the dog.

Hence, you got to make it a point, that you take proper measurements of the dog bed before buying it so that you know for sure that your darling pet would be able to fit itself in it.

Check out the material and the thickness

The next important factor that should be checked while buying a dog bed for large breeds is the thickness of the bed. As mentioned earlier, it has to be thick enough to sustain itself under the huge weight of the large dog. It is recommended that the bed should be made of memory foam as that provides superior comfort and body support to the dog. Dogs that sleep on memory foam dog beds are found to be more active and more energetic than the ones who sleep on regular dog beds.

Other things to check

If you have a furry pet like the Great Pyrenees or the Bernese Mountain dogs, then they would tend to get overheated while sleeping. For these kinds of dogs, you would need to choose cot style beds which are characterized by mesh materials that allow proper air circulation, thereby keeping the large breed dog cool while it sleeps.

Apart from these, you would also need to check on the material that is being used to make the cover of the large dog bed. If your mastiff or Siberian husky has a chewing tendency, you should be choosing a bed which would be resistant to the constant chewing of the dogs and would be highly durable.

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