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A Note on What to Expect from High Quality Dog Food

People who have dogs as their pets always want to offer the best to them. Be it healthcare or dog food, people who can afford it, always want the best options for their pets. However, what most people are not aware of is about the inclusions in the dog food that makes high-quality dog food. This article is intended to highlight the most important factors that are required to make a dog food tagged as high quality.

Too much grain does not make it high quality

The first and foremost criterion for dog food to be of high quality is that it should be free of grain and gluten. Dogs naturally have the genetic engineering to survive on scavenged food or raw meat. Unlike humans, their bodies are not equipped to process grains, and hence if the dog food contains grains, it would be difficult for the poor canine to digest the food properly.

The sad part of the story is that, as grains act as wonderful filler, most commercial dog foods that are available in the market today are packed with grains. Debunkers may claim that grains offer a lot of nutritional value to the dog food and hence it is good to have grains in the dog food, the reality is that grains can bring about serious health hazards for the dog like itchy skins, hair loss, loss of shine of the coat, and even diarrhea. These symptoms are brought about by allergic reactions, which are triggered by the presence of grains in the dog food. Thus, dog food which has grains in it can never be classified as a member of the high-quality dog food club.

Ideal contents of high-quality food for dogs

Ideally, foods which have a higher content of fresh meat can be considered as high quality. Dog food with about 30% to 40% of meat content can be considered as high quality as that not only have a lot of protein in it but also would taste great to the pooch. Dog foods which are believed to be of high quality should have a perfect balance of proteins, vitamins, and fibers so that the dog can get all the essential nutrition from the food that it ingests.
Usually, good quality dog food should have protein, fiber, carbohydrates, fats, Ash, Calcium and phosphorous in them. While different dog foods would have different formulations, but protein content has to be the highest. Carbohydrates should contribute to about 10% of the overall food.

Do not miss on certification statements

While looking for dog food that is of high quality, you should not forget to look for the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) statement on the label of the dog food. While it is not mandatory for dog food companies to go for the membership of AAFCO, but the presence of the AAFCO statement would ensure that the food meets the nutritional requirements of the pet.

You would need to remember that not all dog food would suit your pet. Depending on the age and breed of the pet, you would have to opt for the dog food. While you may be an experienced person who has long years of handling dogs and dog foods, but it is still recommended that you consult a vet to get an idea about the nutritional requirements of the pet and decide on the dog food accordingly.

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