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A Complete Note on Chew Proof Dog Bed

One of the favorite hobbies of puppies is constant chewing, especially during their teething stage. As a result, you would end up buying almost everything that is in the close vicinity of the puppy’s reach all over once again. As the dog would be spending a good amount of time on its bed, it is hence wise to invest on a chew proof dog bed, so that, no matter how hard the dog chews the bed, it will not be damaged and would be highly durable.

Materials are very important

When it comes to a chew proof dog bed, there are not many options readily available in the market. However, when you plan to buy a chew proof bed for your dog, you will have to ensure that the quality of materials that are being used are of the best grade. Usually, the most common materials that get used in making the chew proof beds for dogs include heavy-duty vinyl, ballistic nylon, Cordura nylon, and most importantly Crypton.

Thanks to the high tenacity of these materials, the dogs’ beds can withstand the constant chewing of the growing teeth of the canine friend of yours. Usually, Cordura nylon is being used to make the inner layer and outer cover of the bed which gives it the required resistance against the growing and biting teeth of the dogs.

Other benefits are also there

Apart from being non-chewable, the chew proof bed for your dog will also have some facilities. Thanks to the fabric that gets used in the making of these beds, the dog beds are water repellant, easy to clean and fade resistant as well. To top it all, these beds at times carry antimicrobial properties with them, which make them a safe space for your dog to spend hours on, without getting any sort of microbial infections.

Tips to choose the manufacturer

Most manufacturers tend to offer a warranty or even replacement guarantee schemes on the chew proof beds that are sold by them. You need to find out such a manufacturer or seller so that in case your growing pup manages to tear apart the nation chewable bed, you can ask for a replacement at no extra cost.

You would want to choose a manufacturer that offers some options of chew proof beds for dogs. Depending on the size of the pooch, you would need to select the size of the bed and hence it is imperative that the manufacturer offers such options to you.

No matter, how much money you invest on the chew proof bed for your dog, you need to acknowledge the fact that there is practically no option of a completely indestructible bed. Depending on the size of the dog that you have, and depending on how much time it dedicates in chewing its bed, the durability of the dog bed would vary, but yes, if you invest in a relatively expensive chew proof bed for your dog, you can rest assured that it would be an intelligent and economic investment in the longer run.

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